B. Johanna Hughes, CPNLP, ICF
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B. Johanna Hughes . . .

. . .brings to her work a unique blend of a lifetime's experience in the world of women's competitive figure skating with advanced training in the breakthrough technology of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). She guides developing and elite performers in a broad range of contexts to break through their personal and professional stumbling blocks, to advance their knowledge and to enhance their self confidence in their skills and abilities. Her clients include athletes, corporate professionals, performing artists --- people pursuing varied personal and professional goals.

A member of the St. Moritz Ice Skating Club in Berkeley, California for over forty years, Ms. Hughes has taught and coached ice skating in the United States and Canada since 1972.  She trained in NLP with Carl Buchheit, Master Trainer of Trainers, received her Certified Practitioner Licence in 1997, and is currently a Master Practiioner (MPNLP) Candidate.

Ms. Hughes worked for the Western Regional Office of the United States Olympic Committee for the Centennial Olympics in Atlanta, 1996, and the preparatory phase for the Salt Lake City Winter Games in 2002. She also went to Norway with Team Support Hockey USA for the 1992 Winter Games.

For seven years, she was a member of  the Citizens Advisory Committee for the development of the Yerba Buena Ice Skating Center in San Francisco. She saw it through to completion, subsequently working  on inaugural activites at the center, including the taping of Brian Boitano's Skate Against Hate for television; and she facilitated the founding of Boitano's Youth Skate program, which is still affiliated with the center.

Ms. Hughes started skating at the age of ten, at historic Berkeley (California) Iceland .  Among her teachers were US National Chamption Gene Turner, Evelynne Gill-Fay, PSA Gold Medalist/ Worlds; Canadian Gold Medalist Marg Hyland; and Larry Hughes, Cornell University Hockey Coach.

She studied Dance Education at San Francisco State University with Master Classes in Graham Technique and Ailey Technique. She later helped promote Jackie Sorensen's Aerobic Dance, managed her own dance studio, and performed with the Fillmore Street Dance Collective in the San Francisco Bay Area.

On staff at Tam O'Shanter Hockey School, Toronto, in the 1970s, Ms. Hughes helped develop Edu-Sport Canada, designed curriculum, and scouted international students. She also had the rare opportunity to train to teach Power Skating.

She maintains an office in Marin County, California, and travels frequently to the United Kingdom, Vancouver, and wherever her clients need her. In corporate, sports and private settings, she conducts workshops, in depth training and individual sessions.
In Squaw Valley, California, 2011
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I'm  very grateful to Johanna for her support
and  expertise in my training to climb Mt.
Shasta, a 14,162 foot mountain in Northern
California. Johanna was always encouraging
and enthusiastic. She trusted in my abilities,
even when I didn't. She knows the training
athlete's process and just when and where to
step in to prevent disillusionment or injury.
The success of my climb was wisely and competently supported by Johanna's coaching.-Joyce E. Thomson, MFCC, RScP
The Sportesprit Approach :  I  guide;  I  don't  teach.

When I first meet with a client, I look for what needs to happen, and I ask, '"What are the  conditions that  keep it from happening?" 

I use my years of skating, teaching and coaching experience, with high level NLP technology, to evaluate your needs.

Using the NLP process, I assess, gather information and identify limiting beliefs. Based on what I learn, I guide you through a series of options and steps that will show you when you are moving toward  breakthrough. Through this process, you can learn to elicit a resourceful state of detached focus at will. 

You will know it's working when you hear your co-workers, supervisors, coaches and friends notice your improvement.

I guide you through a positive evolutionary process, in which you 'learn something' at every step. There are no failures in this process, just lessons.

You will learn to break through your blocks to peak performance when you realize how effortlessly this technology has been integrated into your everyday work and personal activities.
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